$65 My Plan Flex

Total Price
$65 per month
for 24 months
within Australia
Fair Go Policy applies. All for personal use within Australia. Extra data $10 per extra 1GB
Calls & SMS
Unlimited National Calls
standard national calls to mobiles/landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail within Australia

Unlimited Messages
standard national and international SMS & MMS to selected countries

International Calls
Up to 150 minutes to standard international numbers in selected countries
Contract Type
24 Months
(this is a Lease plan, the phone is not owned by you)
Damage & cancellation fees may apply
Min. total cost $1,560 over 24 months

Plan Details

International Inclusions

The plan includes up to 150 minutes for standard international calls plus unlimited standard SMS & MMS to 32 selected international countries. Calls charged per minute.

Freedom to upgrade to a new phone every year

On Optus's new leasing plans, you can upgrade to a new phone after 12 months for $99. Simply return the current phone in good working order, sign up to a new 24 month plan and you're good to go. Plus if the phone gets damaged you can still upgrade after 12 months for an additional fee (damage fee of up to $499 if the device is not returned in good working order, including at the end of the lease).

Features and Benefits

Try the Optus network for 30 days

Cancel anytime in the first 30 days with no cancellation fees if you return the phone in good working order and pay for what you owe. Pay your plan fee, monthly handset charge and any excluded usage. New services only. Limit one trial per service.

One easy data pool

Data Pool for you or your family! Combine any Optus My Plan Plus (including SIM only), My Plan Flex and My Mobile Broadband Plus plans onto one bill, to pool and share the data between the devices.

Entertainment Streaming

Stream music data free on selected apps. Plus you can now stream movies, TV and music without using your data on selected mobile and mobile broadband plans. Stream movies and TV on the Netflix, Stan, ABC iview, ABC KIDS iview and ABC ME apps, and music from the Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify apps, without using the data in your plan (subscription may be required). Fair Go Policy applies. All for use in Oz.

Optus Sport

Optus Sport subscription included at no extra charge.
Catch all the Premier League and upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 action live.

National Geographic app

Explore the exclusive National Geographic app personalised for you. Read articles, watch documentaries and scroll through the world's most breathtaking photography without using your data.

Extra Data

If you (or your family) happen to go over your monthly data inclusions, Optus will automatically top you up for just $10 for every extra 1GB. They'll also send you alerts so you can monitor your spend.

What you need to know

General: Fair Go policy applies. For more info, see Optus Critical Information Summaries which can be found at optus.com.au/cis or pick one up in store.

My Plan Flex Plans: allow you to lease an eligible device on a 24 month plan and use it to access the Optus network. You do not own the device and you must return the device to Optus in good working order at the end of your contract. If it is not in good working order, you’ll pay a damage fee of up to $499. If the phone gets damaged during your lease and you’d like to have it fixed, you need to pay to have it repaired by Optus or the manufacturer (excludes warranty/consumer guarantee claims).

You can offer to purchase the device at the end of your 24 month lease contract for fair market value (which Optus will advise at the time). If you don’t return the device at the end of your contract term, you’ll continue to pay monthly device charges for up to 6 months (as well as your plan fees). At that point, if you still don't return the device, you will have to pay Optus a non- return fee (the fair market value of the device which Optus will advise at the time) and you will own the device.

After 12 months you can upgrade the device by paying a one-off fee of $99. To do this you need to return the current device in good working order to Optus and get a new device on a new 24-month plan. If the current device is damaged, you’ll pay a damage fee. If you don’t return the current device within 14 days of your new contract you’ll have to pay for the device at its fair market value.

Cancellation: If you cancel at any time within the 24 month contract term you will be charged a plan cancellation fee, pro-rated monthly for your remaining contract term. Additionally, if you cancel in the first 18 months you’ll have to keep the phone and pay all monthly device charges (which will be increased by any device credits lost as a result of early cancellation) for the remainder of the contract term. If you cancel in the last 6 months of your 24 month contract, you can either return the device to us or make an offer to purchase it at fair market value (which we’ll advise at the time). If you choose to return the device, you’ll pay $99 if it’s in good working order or a damage fee of up to $499 if it’s damaged.

Entertainment Streaming: All for use in Australia. Fair Go Policy applies. Stream SD video up to 1.5Mbps & music up to 512kbps. Some streaming services require paid subscriptions. Streaming services subject to change at any time. Content such as ads, authentication & app analytics are excluded and will incur data charges. Some streaming services require paid subscriptions & may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems. Not suitable for HD quality video. Suitable for one stream per service on mobile & tablet devices only.

Optus Sport: Personal viewing in Australia only. Content and features vary by device and sport. Sport coverage is available as long as you remain on an eligible plan and Optus has the rights. Optus Sport is a month-to-month subscription, which will continue until you cancel your subscription or you move to an ineligible plan. Where your plan includes Optus Sport at no additional cost, your bill will show a $15 charge and corresponding credit.

National Geographic app: Fair Go Policy applies. The National Geographic app is a premium product available for customers who are 18+ yrs or 15-17yrs with parental approval for viewing in Australia on eligible Optus mobile plans on selected iOS and Android devices. Activation may take up to 24 hours. App includes selected magazine content. App is exclusive for 18 months. Visit optus.com.au/natgeo for more info.

National Talk Inclusions: Can be used for standard talk to Oz numbers, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail retrievals all within Australia.

International Inclusions on $65 My Plan Flex: Get up to 150 minutes for standard international calls to selected countries + unlimited standard international SMS and MMS to selected countries.

Selected Countries Include: Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam. ’yes’ International rates apply for excess and non-included usage. See optus.com.au/international.

Data Pool: If you have more than one My Plan Plus (including SIM Only), My Mobile Broadband Plus or Mobile Broadband Business plan on the same billing account, the included monthly data allowance will combine into one data pool, which will be shared by all eligible services on that account. This data can also be shared with any existing Share Data Plan. Any unused data in the data pool expires at the end of each billing month.

Additional Data: Additional data charged at $10/1GB. If you use more than 150GB we may continue to charge you at the same rates or restrict your data use until next billing period.

Usage Alerts: Usage alerts are not real-time and delays of up to 48 hours may be experienced.

Minimum Total Cost: All minimum total costs assume orders are placed online. For all orders via Optus’ telesales numbers a $9.95 delivery fee may apply.

COVERAGE: With 3G devices, you can access our 3G (UMTS 2100 MHz / 900 MHz) network. With 4G devices and a compatible plan, you can access our 3G network plus some or all of our 4G Plus network. Our 4G Plus network uses multiple frequencies (LTE 700 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz) to provide coverage. The Optus 4G Plus network is available in all capital cities and hundreds of metro, regional and holiday towns with a compatible device and plan. Coverage varies by device. Check at optus.com.au/coverage.

Key Points


  • Optus 4G Plus network's got 96% of the Australian population covered

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly
Plan Optus $65 My Plan Flex - $65.00
Calls & SMS Unlimited National Calls (standard national calls to mobiles/landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail within Australia ) - -
Data 5GB Data (within Australia) - -
Messages Unlimited (standard national and international SMS & MMS to selected countries) - -
Fees Device charges apply. Damage and cancellation fees may apply. - -
Total - $65.00
  Min. total cost $1,560 over 24 months

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Optus $65 My Plan Flex